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About Us

Hello. Welcome to Elo Dragon. We are happy you're here. We are Marshal and Jacob, the founders of Elo Dragon. We have been playing League of Legends basically since the game first launched. We started out just playing and loving the game but quickly started climbing the ladder and getting a lot better than we expected to be. We had a short experience in the Amateur scene but discovered it wasn't for us. After that our friends start asking for us to play with them and help rank them up and later learned that we can do this for a job!

A lot of the big companies back then were not very honest or trustworthy and trust us when we say we have been scammed in the past before. So, after we said we have had enough, we decided to start our own company and made it our goal to never let that happen again.

We started off very small just on reddit and friends. Our growth on reddit became very rapid with a numerous number of happy customers leaving reviews and referring their friends! This came from us caring about every single one of our customers and not being an automated service with bad customer service, we want to know your goals and help you achieve them in whatever way we can whether its through playing for or with you or just coaching you through the adventure!

Our Goal

It is our goal to ALWAYS be trustworthy and honest with all our customers while providing high quality service at a competitive price! We are here for you and because of you, we want to be able to help you reduce stress that comes from League and still allow you to reach the milestone that you want and deserve!

The Team

Our team at Elo Dragon consists of some of the top players in the world. We have Challenger and even Ex Pro Players who now help to achieve your desired rank. We have a very strict and thorough process to only allow the best possible boosters into our team. We will not hire people under Diamond I and we will never have more than 10% of our boosters under Master Tier. That means we only hire the best Diamond I players or better, so you are guaranteed success with your order with us.

We also take a lot of pride with our Customer service team. We promise to create a great atmosphere for all our clients and be very responsive to all questions with quick replies and 24/7 service. We will never give automated generic responses or copy paste answers, you deserve to talk to another person and not an automated service that just ruins the mood or frustrates you more. We will only ever provide one on one conversations with one of our Owners or Admins and we will be able to solve your problem without having to wait 3-5 business days.